Friday, March 9, 2007

Mark B Graham in 2008

Hello my name is Mark B Graham(NPA) and i am running for President of the United States .I am so tired of the Republicans and Democrats parties saying they are going to do this or that for Americans instead they are worried more who spends the most money on there campaigns which can be used in a manner that can help Americans .I wanted to say there are many things worng with this nation that needs alot of work one being immigration issue like illegal alien flooding to our great land and Americans going though high security to even return to the United States think about that one
I also see a problem with Health Care .
It is time to remove our Troops over in Iraq it is time our allies and Iraq forces step up and do there part.As i stated in my first post i live in Florida the Insurance rates for Hurricane Insurance is to high.there should be a task force of Republicans and Democrats working with the southern states to help with Insurance rates and working with FEMA of a approaching storms to make sure that what happen in New Orleans.
These are a few issues i want to point out that needs work and i am calling on all Americans if you are tired of what the Republicans and Democrats are saying then join me and lets win this country back
Also with the Republicans and Democrats spending that kind of money for there campaigns, the Minor and No Party Affiliation has to do so much to get on the ballot i fell something should be done about that
I dont have the funding like of Clinton or Obama or McCain. but if you want support me and vote for me on the ballot or as a write in Candidate in this great land